On the Mark Utility Management Services Partnership with DigTix

On the Mark Utility Management Systems Partnership with DigTix
On the Mark (OTM) Utility Management Services specializes in locating, mapping, monitoring and managing customer-owned and maintained (COM) underground utilities, as well as providing services relating to other additional underground utilities such as gas, electric, water, telephone, communications, sewer and more for New York State – with a focus in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse.

OTM turned to DigTix presenting the challenge of improving efficiency as they were running into functionality issues with their existing ticket management system for their 811 One Call programs – which ultimately was a disruption to their daily workflow.

OTM’s challenge was not just changing ticket management systems, but doing so while mildly understaffed with a moderately heavy ticket volume workload. OTM locators knew that trying to balance the load of ticket volume and learning a new system while still meeting productivity goals was going to be a bit of a lift.

The Cause for Change

OTM had two primary pain points with their existing ticketing management system for 811 One Call programs. OTM’s selection of DigTix streamlined:

  • Video attachments and image uploads using the built-in camera and image compression technology helps OTM avoid the difficulty and disruption to the daily workflow of waiting on file uploads.
  • The ability to route tickets and efficiently process work throughout the day.
  • On a business-level, OTM needed a system or platform that could support multiple lines of service such as locating and documenting 811 One Call tickets, Damage Prevention Vehicles (DPV) and Private Utility Locating, versus utilizing three different systems.

“DigTix has given us the ability to have one platform which will pay tremendous dividends in having team members move between our various lines of service. Working with DigTix sales staff and technical support thus far has been great. The team listened and was responsive to our needs as they leveraged a comprehensive and rigorous requirements development and implementation process.”

-John W. Bryant, Jr., COO/CFO On the Mark Utility Locating Services

DigTix’s Challenge

With a four-week completion window, the OTM team also wanted to coordinate the software switch to coordinate with the start of a new month to simplify the back end billing processes.

“DigTix developed a plan and schedule and executed it on-point. The process was very comprehensive, rigorous and well organized with structured weekly meetings, action registries, etc.”

– John W. Bryant, Jr.

Review and Future Vision

“Our initial review is good and hopeful. It’s early so we need more operational time to allow our locators to traverse the learning curve and fully understand and appreciate the capabilities of the system. We envision this happening and OTM extending this solution across all of our 811 One Call programs and other lines of service include Damage Prevention Vehicles and Private Locating. We’re excited about our future with DigTix.”

– John W. Bryant, Jr.

OTM’s Mission

OTM’s mission is to manage their partner’s infrastructure in such a way as to protect life, as well as the environment. They are focused on customer service excellence without exception and have built a reputation of high quality service.

“We believe DigTix is a critical platform which will enable us to continue our reputation of excellence across all our various lines of service.”

– John W. Bryant, Jr.

To learn more about On the Mark Utility Management Services visit otmlocating.com.

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