Top 3 reasons to switch to a new 811 Ticket Management Software

Top 3 reasons to switch to a new 811 Ticket Management Software

It isn’t a stretch to say that the damage prevention industry is a creature of routine. Routine and repetition are closely associated with prevention and safety, which is why it’s easy to understand how so many companies remain with the same 811 Ticket Management Software long, even when they acknowledge their current 811 TMS no longer fits their needs.

So when is it time to shop for a new 811 TMS? Perhaps the time is now? Here are the top 3 items to consider when you’re evaluating whether or not it’s time for your company to switch to a new 811 Ticket Management Software:



Damage prevention is everyone’s responsibility but a more accurate TMS makes that responsibility easier to manage. The fact of the matter is that accuracy counts. It counts when a ticket is assigned to a contract locator and it especially counts in a damage investigation. If you find yourself unable to complete a locate because you do not have accurate information concerning the exact location of underground facilities, then perhaps your ticket management software should be replaced with a better, more-accurate option.



If you’ve been with the same 811 Ticket Management Software for a while, there’s a good chance that it’s outlived its usefulness to your company. It probably met your needs when you started using it; however, technology evolves and if your current 811 TMS doesn’t continuously update its features as the technological infrastructure allows for better features, then it isn’t a useful system any longer. With regards to reliability, if you’ve found yourself waiting long periods of time to hear back on a support ticket or worse, if your current TMS has been down, suffers system errors, or is otherwise unavailable, then you can’t complete your locates in a timely manner.



Many of the current 811 Ticket Management Software companies count on your company’s routine mentality and a lack of prioritization for shopping for a new 811 TMS. You should always ask if the 811 TMS you’ve been using for so long is still the most cost-effective option for your company. If your annual invoice for service has increased this year and the level of service and features remained the same as the day you subscribed to your current software, the time to switch is now. Charging per ticket is out-dated. There are better 811 TMS options that don’t charge per dig ticket and instead create a service package that is right for your company.

The fact of the matter is that even if you’re still in contract with your current 811 TMS, it’s always a good idea to see what’s out there. You could end up saving your company a lot of money but most importantly, you could end up with the software tool your company needs most, thereby being more efficient in your day-to-day responsibilities.

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