Switching to a New 811 Ticket Management System: 4 Reasons to Shop Around

DigTix 811 Ticket Management System Locate Dashboard. There's a list of incomplete dig tickets in descending star rating, a map view of tickets for the San Diego Bay area.

The Damage Prevention industry is not exempt from the challenges of change. It’s not a stretch to say that many companies stay with their current ticket management system because they are apprehensive of the impact of switching to another 811 TMS. DigTix has a high-touch implementation approach that includes a dedicated project manager and regular project status meetings, making this easier than ever before for you to switch over. Shopping around is also a good thing – vehicle fleet managers know representatives from Ford, GM, and other automakers due to their involvement in the car business. There are many benefits to knowing other Damage Prevention solutions out there! Here are four benefits to shopping around.

Benefits to knowing the other solutions

Getting to know representatives from other 811 Ticket Management Systems doesn’t equate to a commitment. There are advantages to knowing what other providers offer. This helps your company in contract negotiations; both during contract renewals and if you ultimately decide that your current 811 TMS no longer fits your company’s needs and you should switch solutions. 

Increasing fees

If you’ve been with the same 811 Ticket Management Systems for four or more years, there’s a good chance that you’re paying 20% or more than you did when you began. There’s also a good chance that you’re receiving less functionality than may be offered with a different 811 TMS at the same or less than what you’re paying. You’ll never know unless you shop around.

Newer features

Speaking about functionality, different 811 Ticket Management Systems offer features and functions that others may not have. Some features are standard with one 811 TMS and are add-ons with another. You never know what’s out there and available until you look. It’s quite possible that the services and features you signed up for are no longer what suit your company’s needs. 

The inconvenience of switching is never a good reason to waste money

We understand that changing 811 Ticket Management Systems can be a daunting task which borders on tedium; however, the benefits of a switch can (in many cases) outweigh the effort to do so. Yes, time is spent uploading maps, responsibility areas do need to be defined, assignment rules need to be set up, and you will have to define what happens to emergency tickets after hours but the 811 TMS you’re considering switching to should have already implemented a plan to help transition you to the new software. For example, DigTix has implemented a high-touch approach with a dedicated project manager and regular project status meetings. We make sure to do what we can to make a time-consuming transition as seamless and easy as possible.

It can be quite a task to change over from one 811 Ticket Management System to another; however, the perceived difficulty of making a change should never keep you from learning what else is available. 

If you want to see what DigTix has to offer, we would love to give you a free demo and see for yourself how the most robust, feature-packed, 811 ticket management software on the market could help your company. 

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