3 DigTix Features Our Users Love the Most

What aspects of your current damage prevention software do you find the most irksome? Are there features that you pay for but your locators don’t use because the user interface of the TMS makes it less-efficient for them to do their jobs? 

Here’s a list of the top three features our users love to use:

In-Ticket Multimedia

In-ticket multimedia is a feature that is always appreciated. DigTix users can attach multiple field images and videos to individual tickets automatically and from within the ticket. This feature has cut down on our users time and made them more efficient. DigTix compresses the images and video captured, which allows for faster uploads from the field. That means less time waiting to close the ticket. Images also include latitude and longitude coordinates and time-stamped metadata. Additionally, DigTix doesn’t charge hefty media storage fees. Storage is inexpensive and plentiful, as we host DigTix on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. 

Ad-hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc reporting functions that are based on what our users need. Every aspect of our reporting tool is customizable and that allows DigTix users to generate invoicing, auditing, productivity, compliance, and history/log reports. Additionally, DigTix makes it easy to export data to Excel. 

AI Risk Assessment Score

DigSights by DigTix is the most accurate and comprehensive risk assessment model in the damage prevention industry. With DigSights, risk scores associated with excavators are automatically calculated and included in every ticket. We leverage the most advanced machine learning algorithms, input multiple points of risk data, and incorporate common sense historical trend analysis from you and companies like yours – providing a definitive risk score on every ticket you’ll receive. 

DigTix has a higher customer satisfaction rating than any other damage prevention software on the market. Our users are constantly and consistently reaching out to let us know they appreciate something we’ve added or suggest a feature. In which case, we develop and add that feature. We work tirelessly to deliver the best, most accurate 811 Ticket Management System, that’s exactly what our users need. 

Hear first hand why users love DigTix… directly from our users, themselves. Check out this first-hand testimonial from Jan Peeters, founder of Olameter, about why Olameter relies on DigTix as their damage prevention software provider. 

Would you like to learn more about how the features in DigTix can be customized to fit your company’s needs? Schedule a free demo today by tapping HERE or in the button below. 



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