DigTix v2.10 Now Available – Release Notes

DigTix is starting off the new year on a high note. Our team is proud to announce the delivery of a long-awaited feature in our latest release, DigTix v2.10: Fleet Tracking.


Fleet Tracking


DigTix now tracks and displays the location of each user logged into the DigTix system in realtime.

Managers can now monitor where their team members are, what direction they’re heading in, their approximate speed, idle time, and more.

Dispatchers can now assign emergency requests to the closest field locator for prompt on-site arrival and service for critical jobs.


Fleet Tracking Map


We have several exciting new features coming down the pipe built upon our new fleet tracking system. Keep a lookout for these improvements in our upcoming releases:

  • Location History: The ability to view the location history of a DigTix user.
  • Closest Field Personnel: The ability to determine the closest user to a ticket location.
  • On-Site Timestamps: The ability to determine when a user arrives on-site at a ticket location.

We look forward for everything to come in 2018. Happy New Year!

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