DigTix v2.11 Now Available – Release Notes

DigTix’s release momentum continues into February in a big way. Our team is proud to announce the delivery of two highly requested features, along with several other improvements.


Photo Documentation


DigTix now has an even quicker and better way to attach photos to locate requests. When accessing DigTix on a smartphone or tablet equipped with a camera, a camera icon is displayed for each ticket in the ticket grid.

Photo Documentation Camera Icon

When this icon is clicked, it will open the new photo documentation window. This window allows users to quickly take photographs of the work site. Photos are automatically compressed, uploaded, and attached to that ticket. It’s very fast and very easy.

Photo Documentation Window


You can see a video of photo documentation in action here:
The photo documentation window is not a separate application. There is no need to install / manage a separate mobile app. It is available to everybody via the DigTix web application on both phones and tablets.
On-the-fly compression is performed to reduce data transfer by up to 90%. This saves considerable data usage and money on mobile data plans.
If location tracking is enabled, photos are tagged with that latitude, longitude, and the time they were taken. The location is viewable on the “Mobile Image Data” tab of the Ticket Attachment window, which you can see at 0:55 in the video linked above.


Incident Tracking


DigTix now how the ability to track and manage incidents. Our incident tracking system is designed to follow CGA DIRT standards ( Users are able to create, view, investigate, annotate, and resolve incidents.

Incident Investigation Window

The DigTix development team continues to work on several enhancements to the Incident Tracking suite including (but not limited to) integration with the CGA’s DIRT reporting tool. When incidents are completed and closed, information will be automatically sent to the DIRT reporting tool via their web service API. We look forward to incorporating other enhancements to the new Incident Tracking suite throughout 2018 and beyond!


User Location History


Managers can now view users’ location history on any given date. Each data point contains the timestamp, heading, and approximate speed of the user at that location. This allows the ability to see when users arrived on-site and serviced a ticket with DigTix.

User Location Tracking



Miscellaneous Improvements


There are a lot more features and improvements in the v2.11 release. Get in touch with us via the Contact page to find out more!



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