DigTix v2.8 Now Available – Release Notes

DigTix’s engineering team is proud to announce version 2.8 of DigTix is now available on all production environments. DigTix v2.8 includes the following updates and improvements:

  • Completely overhauled geospatial diagramming suite. Users may now create rich diagrams with mapping elements, infrastructure overlays, and much, much more.
  • Image attachments uploaded from mobile devices automatically process geolocation (latitude / longitude) and timestamp metadata. Users can see where and when photos of job sites were taken. This meets the latest compliance considerations of the Texas Railroad Commission and several other regulatory organizations.
  • The ticket grid now includes open contract counts and lists. Users can easily see which utility(s) have been located and which utility(s) remain open for each ticket.
  • Custom ticket views can now be shared. Users can distribute the ticket views they’ve created with their team.
  • Important (starred) ticket updates: Initial star ratings can be configured via priority settings. Colors have been updated to more clearly reflect importance.
  • Ticket routing starts and ends at office address, by default.
  • Native support for shape (ESRI) format infrastructure files.
  • Improvements to ticket history logging and readability of ticket history reports.
  • Several performance improvements.

We look forward to implementing more great feedback and ideas into DigTix v2.9!

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