DigTix v2.9 Now Available – Release Notes

The DigTix team is happy to announce the biggest release of 2017, DigTix v2.9. The new features and improvements included in DigTix v2.9 are detailed below.

Time Clock and Payroll
A clock button will show the current state of the user’s time clock in the top right corner of DigTix, next to their account menu. A red clock icon indicates the user is logged out while a green clock icon indicates the user is logged in. Clicking on the clock button will toggle the time clock state. Users are reminded to clock in and out when DigTix is loaded.

Time Clock Status

Clock In Reminder

When users clock in and out, their location can be determined and saved. Time clock entries can be reviewed, approved, and edited via the Time Clock Entries section of the Administration Page. Approved entries will appear on the Payroll Report of the Reports page.

Time Clock Entries Administration

Administrators can manually update time clock entries and see where users clocked in and out.

Time Clock Entry Window

Resumable, Asynchronous Ticket Attachment Uploads
Wireless connectivity and slow data speeds in the field can make things challenging, especially the uploading and attachment of large files. Not anymore! Files up to 128MB in size can now be attached to tickets asynchronously in the background. This means:
  • DigTix users do not have to wait for an upload to finish before working the next ticket.
  • If you want to minimize your wireless data usage, users can pause their uploads until they’re connected to WiFi, then resume them.
  • If an upload is 90% complete and internet connectivity is temporarily lost, the remaining 10% will be uploaded automatically once internet connectivity is restored.
  • If your browser or device crashes, partially completed uploads can be resumed right where they left off. Users are notified if they have incomplete uploads waiting for completion.

File Upload Manager

Auto-Clear, High-Risk, and Custom Flagging for Incoming Tickets
Rules can be custom-configured to automatically identify things like high-risk tickets, auto-close opportunities, and much more. These rules are considered when the ticket arrives and can be used to keep dispatchers and locators informed on important aspects of each job.

Auto Clear Flagging

Bulk Update Result Improvements
Bulk update result formatting is much more organized. Failures are highlighted in red so users can quickly and easily identify if there were any validation errors or other issues when updating large quantities of tickets.

Bulk Update Friendly Results

Ticket and Contract Charge Time Tracking
Users can log how long it took to get on-site and the time it took to complete the marking of each facility. DigTix can be configured to require these time periods and/or disallow manual input.

Ticket Contract Charge Time Tracking

Administration Section Filtering
Many administration sections have been updated to support filtering of data. Permissions, audits, and many other administrative sections can be more easily managed by leveraging these filters.

Permissions Filtering

Audit Date Filtering

On-Time Report
Track your team’s due-date performance and identify areas for improvement with the new on-time report.

On-Time Report

Other Improvements and Features
  • Significant performance improvements for mobile devices.
  • Windows (ticket window, contract charge window, etc) remain open if server-side validation fails.
  • Improved capabilities and performance for user type data (row-based) permissions.
  • Improved ticket window sizing and readability of request info. Moved fields from Location tab to Ticket Info tab. Research tab name changed to Service.
  • Improved support for infrastructure (kml, shp) points and polygons.
  • Improved server-side model data validation.
  • Added several new permanent ticket fields (some have been upgraded from configurable to permanent). These fields are now being processed from request data, where appropriate:
    • Sequence Number
    • URL
    • Meet Request
    • Pre-marked
    • Private Property
    • Depth
    • Length
    • Width
    • Duration
    • Boring
    • Explosives
    • Hydraulic
    • Overhead
    • Underground
  • Improved tracking for ticket time to dispatch and ticket time to completion.
  • Added configuration setting which can treat re-transmit tickets with the same Ticket ID as separate tickets (uses Ticket ID suffix).
  • Improvements to ticket selection during drag and drop assignment.
  • Improvements to date, contract, contract status, and completion filters in Ticket Views.

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