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As your centralized 811 ticket management system, DigTix ensures you can efficiently complete every dig ticket that comes down the line and effectively maintain the circle of communication between 811 call centers, utility owners and contract locators.

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What is DigSights?

  • DigSights is a set of models developed using machine learning which predict which locate requests are most likely to result in an incident.
  • Organizations can use this predictive information to help decide which locate requests to allocate resources to.
  • DigTix’s follow up system provides customizable workflows to allocate resources to jobs which need extra attention e.g. high risk jobs.
  • Predicting the risk associated with an excavation job is valuable to utility companies, excavators, and other stakeholders e.g. insurance companies.
Easy-to-Use Tools

DigTix’s dedication to providing the best software experience for users expedites onboarding and maximizes underground utility locator productivity.

Safety and Compliance

Optimize the ticket completion process with several powerful features to monitor positive response compliance and enhance response rates.

Better Work Results

Provide management ways to identify gaps in the process and facilitate related improvements with our feature set devoted to operational analysis.

DigTix Features

Easy-to-Use Tools

  • Take photos and attach multiple field images/video to your ticket automatically while in the field within the DigTix app. 
  • Uploaded images/videos include LAT/LONG coordinates and time-stamped metadata tags to track worker movements.
  • Optimize ticket travel times by considering road closures, traffic flow and distance and with multi-stop route planning and hands-free voice navigation.
  • Deliver important announcements across the organization and host live chat, coaching discussions. 
  • Easily review previously located tickets by searching address, street, or place information to quickly receive past information thanks to 7+ years of data retention.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

  • Continuously monitor the state of responses that are due soon and overdue with the DigTix Dashboard.
  • Allow users to quickly filter out tickets based on Positive Response Due Dates with DigTix’s Quick Filters Panel and get alerted when tickets are due through the Ticket Grid.
  • Create and manage specific work order requirements that are generated once the locate request has been completed. 
  • Automatically calculate risk scores associated with excavators and provide the associated reference data while viewing tickets.
  • Investigate and analyze potential incidents with D.I.R.T. compliant reporting tools, which includes mapping, diagramming, original ticket data referencing, image file review and automatic reporting to help streamline compliance.
  • Enhance damage prevention efforts and help utilities achieve safety goals with Utility Locate Audits, Critical Asset and Adverse Excavator Patrols.

Streamline and optimize your 811 ticket management

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Better Work Results

  • Provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations via DigTix BI, or Business Intelligence, which includes advanced business and operational analysis capabilities.
  • Automatically issue locate requests via assigned regional territories, key word indicators, time and date variable settings to reduce management problems.
  • Protect valuable infrastructure using data to identify potential challenges and deploy your resources efficiently. 
  • Leverage drag-and-drop analytics platform to provide business intelligence data that addresses operational and forecasting needs.
  • Utilize ad-hoc reporting functions based upon customizable functions and allow users to quickly generate invoicing, auditing, productivity, compliance and history/log reports.