Frequently Asked Questions

The DigTix software application is an expansive 811 ticket management system that protects buried infrastructure, such as underground gas, telecom, water and electric lines, from accidental damage.

Specifically, DigTix coordinates the processing of 811 “Call Before You Dig” tickets for utility companies. It also streamlines the steps necessary for on-the-ground locating crews tasked with marking where it is safe to dig.

DigTix’s easy-to-use interface simplifies the onboarding process for underground utility locating services. On the back-end, our use of Amazon Web Services facilitates data-related issues when integrating the product into utility operations. Basically, we’ve designed DigTix to make it as easy as possible.

Digtix’s features range from complex analytics tools to extensive locating request systems. A full list of our features are available on our features page, but if you’re looking for something in particular, we recommend signing up for a demo to see the complete suite of damage prevention tools.

Unlike other 811 ticket management software, DigTix does not charge by the ticket. Instead, we offer customers a more extensive service package that can vary in price depending on size and use patterns. We encourage those interested to contact us to discuss pricing options.

While each call center’s compliance rules differ, DigTix provides several powerful ways to view and monitor positive response compliance to maximize on-time responses and minimize non-compliance.

  • The DigTix Dashboard provides the ability to continuously monitor the state of responses that are due soon and overdue.
  • The Quick Filters Panel allows users to quickly filter out tickets based on Positive Response Due Dates.
  • The Ticket Grid, the “Positive Response Due Date” column displays when the positive response for each ticket is due.

More information on compliance features can be found by signing up for a DigTix demo.

Extensive guides on how to use DigTix are available in multiple areas. Our DigTix Help Desk can be found here. We also provide a full onboarding guide via our learning management system, 4iQ Solution’s Coursettra.

A full guide on how-to complete a locate request can be found at the DigTix help desk available here.

If you are accidentally locked out of your account, DigTix’s support team, or a user with administrative privileges, can help you access the DigTix portal. They can be emailed at

DigTix encourages users to not attempt to guess their passwords as five consecutive incorrect login attempts can block access.

DigTix is operational on all devices which support the latest version of any major, modern browser. This includes:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. When accessing DigTix on a mobile Apple device (e.g. an iPad or an iPhone), Apple Safari is highly recommended.

DigTix 811 Ticket Management

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