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a modern and robust ticket management solution

Streamline your 811 ticket management

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DigTix was the result of our efforts.

Now, almost a decade later, our team of industry experts remain dedicated to the idea of a modern and robust ticket management solution. We’re constantly examining how we can improve DigTix’s suite of features to simplify what’s required to protect valuable underground assets.

  • On-the-go recording tools and communication modules ensure the accuracy of ticket info shared between contract locators, utilities companies and call centers.
  • Business intelligence features provide administrators with the oversight needed to coordinate ticket response.
  • Custom reporting delivers insights that allow utility companies to decipher what’s working and what’s not to create more efficient work processes.
  • Route planning and damage risk assessment scores increase the control companies have over the underground utility locating services, which better protects infrastructure.
  • Amazon Web Services secures seven years of historical reporting data accessible at any scale or from any device.
  • Our dedication to continuous improvement promises that the latest industry feature will be available on the DigTix platform.

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