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Underground utility lines are damaged every six minutes because of someone’s digging mistake. Over time, that’s too many occasions for someone to be seriously injured, and it’s costly for utility companies and facility owners.

Thankfully, the “Call 811” system prevents 99% of accidents; for every other incident, however, the federal government holds facility owners and operators responsible.

Stay safe.

Improve operations

DigTix provides technology solutions for major member utilities and the associated underground utility locators tasked with responding to “Call 811” tickets. We serve multiple utility industries to prevent costly and dangerous mistakes when people excavate around the nation’s buried underground utilities.

Gas and hazardous liquids

Protect valuable infrastructure and exceed PHMSA standards.

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Electric utilities

Avoid outages while optimizing positive response rates.

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Utility Companies Benefit

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Maintain underground fiber lines and keep information flowing.

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Water and sewer

Eliminate the costly repairs associated with ruptured lines.

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Utility Companies

The DigTix’s team dedication to constant improvement means that the software platform’s already extensive feature list of damage prevention tools, such as risk assessment and route-planning, will continue to grow as you evolve. Unlike other 811 ticket management software platforms on the market, DigTix utilizes agile web development to continually optimize what your operation can do and how you capitalize on every efficiency available within your operation.

At the same time, DigTix is providing a fully-baked solution set that can be easily implemented immediately to help you save dollars, complete dig tickets efficiently and analyze how you can improve your processes every step of the way.

Pipeline Companies

No matter the size of your operation, DigTix ensures major pipelines can quickly integrate its 811 ticket management software platform into the center of your damage prevention processes and stay compliant with federal regulations. And if there’s ever a change in scale of operations, DigTix can quickly adjust the size of the service package with next to no additional work.

If mistakes happen, DigTix can also quickly identify what went wrong and stay compliant with easy-to-use reporting tools for crews and extensive data analysis available for management level staff to prevent the same mistake in the future.

Utility Companies

Municipal Utilities

Underground infrastructure can be expensive to install and maintain, and your taxpayers want to see cost savings on top of great service. DigTix helps prevent costly and potentially dangerous mistakes by simplifying your dig ticket processes for locating crews, and our reporting tools provide transparency into what’s happening on the ground. From the public’s point of view, they won’t even know how well you’re doing your job.

As a full damage prevention platform, DigTix takes the guesswork out of underground utility locating and ensures all your operations stay precise, accurate and reliable.

Underground Utility Locators

Completing dig tickets couldn’t be easier with the DigTix damage prevention platform. Our streamlined interface simplifies the process for YOUR locating crews and provides them with step-by-step instructions accessible from any device.

Lower your operating costs for crews and reduce mistakes by digitizing all of your locate tickets into one location online.  Lastly, click the demo button below to find out why DigTix will alleviate the added stress and pressure of record One Call ticket volumes on your teams this dig season.

811 Ticket Management Software by DigTix