Training Resources

To initiate the launch process and kick-start the onboarding experience, our Project Managers provide a full suite of training resources including: eLearning Courses, knowledge-based articles, Community Forums, how-to guides, design surveys and Instructor Led Training (ILT) guided events.

Coursettra Training Resources Platform

Extensive training programs can also be implemented via 4iQ’s Coursettra LMS, an advanced learning management system. The SELF-PACED TRAINING software simplifies the onboarding process, gives executives insights on each employee’s performance metrics and tracks organizational learning objectives.

Each e-learning program can also be customized to fit your company’s needs to ensure that employees and underground utility locators follow in-house processes and fulfill operational standards.

See Coursettra in action.

DigTix Help Desk

A comprehensive DigTix customer support portal includes a searchable knowledge base of FAQ’s, access to Community Forums to connect and share across the DigTix community and a Release Notes section to stay informed about upcoming upgrades and enhancements.

Ask a DigTix expert.