Who is DigTix?

Since 2012, DigTix has developed technology solutions that optimize the 811 “Call Before You Dig” ticket management process for our partners in the damage prevention industry.

Almost a decade later, the DigTix team helps clients throughout the U.S. and Canada process millions of 811 One Call tickets annually.

Meet the DigTix Team

Jason Adams


Jason started 4iQ Solutions—DigTix’s parent company—to build the best 811 ticket management system on the market. Utilizing his 25 years of experience in Damage Prevention and as the former CEO of Irth Solutions, Jason puts the focus on clients first to ensure they have exactly what they need in a robust underground utility locator and ticket management system.

Jeff Law


Jeff Law is president of 4iQ Solutions, the parent company of DigTix. He has served in the damage prevention industry, providing technology solutions, since 1996. Jeff’s previous role as Vice President of KorTerra allowed him to leverage his M.I.S. and computer science background to develop, mold, and shape emerging technologies, address critical operational, safety, and protection needs of many of today’s largest Gas, Electric, and Pipeline companies nationwide. Jeff’s robust set of skills include: IT Infrastructure/Development, Product Management, Quality Assurance, New Client Implementation, Sales, and Marketing.

CJ Kowalke

Vice President

CJ is Vice President of 4iQ, the parent company of DigTix. He is focused on building strong client relationships and implementing business development strategies, C.J. has extensive experience as a proven manager and leader for the DigTix team.  With more than 20 years in the damage prevention industry, he’s worked with many of the largest gas, oil and electric utilities in the United States.

Kyle Murphy

Chief Architect

By driving DigTix’s ever-evolving development, Kyle is responsible for many of the cutting edge features that make DigTix unique. He leads the ongoing technology and functionality initiatives and drives DigTix’s technical direction.

William McMillan

Director Of Business Development

With four years working with DigTix and a longer history in the damage prevention industry, William pushes the DigTix team forward with his expert management style and industry knowledge. As DigTix’s director of business development, his strengths are in negotiation, team building, management, direct sales and leadership.

In Their Own Words

What is 811 ticket management?​

811 ticket management systems and underground utility locators work as an important part of the 811 “Call Before You Dig” utility protection system. Basically, whenever an individual undertakes a project requiring a shovel, they’re required to call “811” in order for a utility crew to go on site and double check where utility lines currently lie to protect the expensive infrastructure and prevent dangerous incidents when people dig.

Utility companies and contractors use software platforms like DigTix to coordinate the activity that needs to happen when 811 calls are made. The software comes with a fleet of tools that simplify the process and streamlines the communication necessary to comply with the legal requirements set forth by the federal 811 program.