Why Choose DigTix?

At 4iQ Solutions, we believe underground infrastructure deserves the most up-to-date 811 ticket management software because precision and accuracy matter when safety is at stake.

Our solution was the development of DigTix: A modern, robust suite of damage prevention tools designed to optimize 811 ticket management for utility companies and simplify the process for underground utility locators.

Stay safe.

The latest features

The DigTix team spends countless hours testing, coding and verifying to ensure our 811 ticket management systems can create the foundation you need to confidently build your business. Our software is also updated frequently, which means new services are always available for DigTix users.

For example, DigTix recently added both Excavator risk assessment scoring and multi-stop planning as additional features on top of an already expansive list.

811 Ticket Management Software by DigTix

Current Features

  • Next-Generation TMS
  • Powerful Reporting Engine
  • Data Tracking and Analysis
  • Administrative Functionality
  • Control of System Access
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Positive Response
  • Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • Knowledge Base and E-Learning support
  • Incident Investigation
  • Custom Map Layer
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Mobile Support
  • Enterprise ROI Tracking

Optimize Your Dig Ticket Process

DigTix’s full suite of communication and business analysis tools allows you to put its 811 ticket management system at the center of your operations. On-the-go reporting and media sharing coordinates dig ticket information between locators, utility companies and 811 call centers to avoid potentially dangerous miscommunications. And for 811 ticket managers, custom reports and business intelligence provides the tools you need to track your results and make improvements.

Overall, DigTix’s expansive functionality simplifies the dig ticket process for you to keep your crews moving and prevent costly damages.

Accelerate the Learning Process

DigTix’s streamlined interface makes it easy to use for anyone familiar with digital devices. As a result, onboarding new workers and training new locators takes less time than comparable systems, and inputting new data can be done without confusion by the user.

Additional training for more complex features is also available through Coursettra—4iQ Solution’s custom training center—which can lead to expanded functionalities and analysis for those trying to make their dig ticket processes more efficient.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

DigTix’s data is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which retains seven years of historical information for app users. Such a tool allows flexibility in each user’s approach.

Underground utility locators can access information on any digital device from anywhere to complete locate requests and process dig tickets. Meanwhile, both national and regional utilities can quickly secure any necessary data at any scale to protect their underground infrastructure.

A New Vision.

By Industry Experts

In the damage prevention industry, it’s not an exaggeration to say that a reliable and accurate software platform can save lives. DigTix is dedicated to providing such a tool.

Our full suite of damage prevention solutions ensures that users have the systems in place to respond to dig tickets efficiently and accurately, and consistent updates allow your business to take advantage of the latest features in the industry—whatever they may be one, five or 10 years from now.

The end result is a well-established and robust 811 ticket management system that shields underground infrastructure and establishes the groundwork for a more-efficient dig ticket processing solution.

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What is 811 ticket management?​

811 ticket management systems and underground utility locators work as an important part of the 811 “Call Before You Dig” utility protection system. Basically, whenever an individual undertakes a project requiring a shovel, they’re required to call “811” in order for a utility crew to go on site and double check where utility lines currently lie to protect the expensive infrastructure and prevent dangerous incidents when people dig.

Utility companies and contractors use software platforms like DigTix to coordinate the activity that needs to happen when 811 calls are made. The software comes with a fleet of tools that simplify the process and streamlines the communication necessary to comply with the legal requirements set forth by the federal 811 program.